Meet the team:

Revd David and Kathie Middleton

Pastor and wife

David and Kathie work together as a ministry team. They met in Yugoslavia and have been in Christian ministry for nearly thirty years. They have four grown up children, three amazing in-law children and two grandsons. David was originally ordained as a Special Needs Minister. Before becoming the Minister at NBCS (2018), he was for 17 years the founder and Minister of a church for adults with learning disabilities, their carers and friends, alongside being an NHS Healthcare Chaplain. They have worked for the American Christian mission, H*V Ministries International and David was Director of the Christian care and compassion charity, Compassionate Response. They both love spending time with their growing family and walking whenever they can. Kathie loves quilting, sewing and gardening and David longs to start his model railway.


Chris Cartwright

Deacon (Trustee)

Preaching, Bible Study Leader

Chris was born just a few miles down the road in Wolverhampton but only came back to Newport in 1990.  A son of the manse but only a Christian since he was 40. He has lived half his adult life in Brazil. He is married to a Brazilian, Zininha, and they have two boys and six grand children. Chris likes walking, swimming and relaxing but only in tropical climes!!


Alison Davies

Deacon (Trustee)

Junior Church Leader

Alison comes from Hertfordshire and relocated to Newport for her husband, Michael's, work 25 years ago. After a few years of working in Somerset, they returned to Newport, to be nearer the family. Alison has two grown up children and three grandchildren. She enjoys walking, gardening and travelling.


Helen Wilson

Deacon (Trustee)

Junior Church Leader

Helen was born on a farm near Shrewsbury to Christian parents. She trained as a nursery nurse and was a nanny in Hampshre and Shrewsbury. She moved to Newport in 1977 and became a founder member of NBCS 28 years ago in 1992.  Helen is married with 3 grown up daughters and works at an agricultural university. She enjoys crown green bowls, reading, walking and history amongst other things. 


Ian Walsh

Deacon (Trustee)


Ian was born in Bolton in Lancashire and moved down to the Midlands in 1987. He and his wife, Jan, met in 1989 and married in 1990. They have two grown up children, a primary school teacher and a physicist. Ian is a Chartered Accountant, working in a local accountancy practice looking after owner managed businesses and a number of charities. Spare time is filled with reading, walking and getting full value out of his National Trust membership.


Tamlyn Fowler

Social Media Team


Sewing Grace

Tamlyn has lived in Newport almost all her life. She was brought up with Christian values and started attending Newport Baptist Church when she was around 11, after attending a summer club that the church hosted. She enjoys volunteering at a local Oxfam shop, and also helping out at various church activities.

Social Media Team


The Social Media Team of Tamlyn Fowler, Claire Du Plessis and Kathie Middleton oversee all the social media work of the church which currently includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and WhatsApp.